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Your sector faces the major challenge of processing huge volumes of data sent between suppliers, agents and distribution networks – combined with marketplace complexity.

The majority of your processes are repetitive and prone to human error – requiring large operations teams to manage the exceptions produced. However, with the application of some simple business rules, these processes can be efficiently and cost-effectively completed using our digital workforce.

Automation opportunities

There are five key areas within your industry where cost saving and efficiency enhancements can be made by robotic process automation – we have highlighted them below:

Meter-reading exceptions

Our digital workforce can deliver a 60% reduction in certain back office exception cases, whilst managing your seasonal peaks – so any negative impact on your business is eliminated. Our workforce also removes the need to source expensive temporary staff, or suffer from inefficient re-allocation of your existing workforce.

Debt recovery

Debt collection is usually a routine activity performed in predefined timescales –making it a logical candidate for automation. Our digital workforce can reduce bad debt by helping prioritize the accounts worthy of time investment. We can also help you differentiate between those customers who either can’t or won’t pay, so a contact strategy can be tailored for each.

Customer service

Our digital workforce can improve customer service offerings by helping your advisors select information more quickly to reduce waiting times. For the Co-operative Energy, we recently automated their change of occupancy (COO) process, helping to clear a major backlog. The Co-operative Energy created a ‘moving home team’ where all COO calls are now routed and processed by our digital worker. These changes have enabled the company to achieve and exceed their internal KPIs – whilst increasing customer satisfaction through significantly improved response times.

Industry Data Management

When any consistent data source, such as customer address, or a meter serial number, doesn’t match, exceptions are produced and our digital workforce consolidates this data and performs the routine activities required to resolve any issues.

Data Integrity

With system migrations, our digital workforce can help ensure the smooth transfer of data between differing systems – preventing integrity issues. This allows your migration teams to focus on more critical issues involved with any system migration.

Process suitable for our digital workforce

  • Change of Tenancy / Change of Occupier
  • Meter readings and processing exceptions
  • Payment Processing
  • Debt recovery
  • Unbilled
  • Exception report processing
  • Tariff reviews
  • Tariff changes and switching
  • Billing processing
  • Invoicing processes
  • Switching – Joiners and leavers

Digital workforce benefits

  • Allows operational processes to run for longer than human counterparts, uninterrupted, and any number of processes can be controlled centrally – with a comparatively small team
  • Smaller utilities companies can grow at pace, keeping costs low – whilst remaining competitive
  • Larger utilities companies can compete on pricing and speed – without being held back by expensive legacy systems
  • It’s cheap to implement – in one case, over 2 years, operational savings of £4million per annum were achieved – from an already low cost base
  • IT Development costs are low and it’s possible to deliver an automated process from concept to implementation within weeks- avoiding capital spend on customizing your systems
  • Provides a new insight into your business for the identification of opportunities and operational efficiency improvements – as the data available from an automated process will be consistent and plentiful

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