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Robotic Process Automation in Practise

With all the hype about Robotic Process Automation, it’s sometimes difficult to get an accurate assessment of what this development actually means – what the model can, and can’t, achieve – and how it’s working in organisations today. With this in mind, we got together with Genfour’s Jane Youdell, Head of Operations and Lee Edwards, Head of Client Programmes, for an audio interview looking at the key pros and cons of RPA and giving some examples of how the technology is being deployed in practice.

To listen to each chapter of the interview simply click on the relevant links below…

Part 1: Introduction
An introduction to our speakers and an overview of the advantages of Robotic Process Automation.

Part 2: The Ramifications of RPA for Talent
What RPA means for your existing workforce…

Part 3: Driving Operational Excellence with Robotic Process Automation
How RPA can make your business better, faster and more efficient…

Part 4: The P&L Impact of Robotic Process Automation
What RPA means for the bottom line – and why.

Part 5: Conclusion
Top tips and takeaways.


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