Richard Denton
Automation Consultant

As a consultant at Vodafone and Lloyds Banking Group and also working for Liberata UK, a Ministry of Justice outsourcing company, I was engaged to improve delivery processes.  In all business areas: marketing, payroll, risk etc, my role has been and continues to be to reduce the incidence of mistakes, minimise processing time,  improve data capture and enhance results presentation.

Using SQL in Oracle and Teradata, Unix shell scripting and VBA for task automation I devise efficient solutions by taking the time to understand my client’s needs and then breaking down complex business requirements into essential component parts. I have chosen to work with the team at Genfour because of their RPA expertise and because my skills fit so well with theirs. Exciting times.

A family man, (lovely wife and daughter), I have a BSc Econ in Economics and MBA from Cardiff University. I enjoy reading and I like to play football and golf as time permits.