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Genfour has selectively grown its team to give us the best capability in the market to deliver robotic process automation and artificial intelligence solutions. We have a blend of programme/project management resources together with expert process analysts and experienced robotic process automation developers.

We have focused on bringing the best available talent – those with existing experience of robotic process automation where possible – to build our experience and know-how. Most importantly, we are selective based on some softer skills including tenacity, ability to communicate clearly, work collaboratively and a desire to get the job done.

  • Andrew Rayner
    Andrew Rayner
    Head of Technical Delivery
  • Delme_Greening_209x209px
    Delme Greening
    Automation Consultant
  • TeamPhoto_Emma-Barson
    Emma Barson
    Senior Automation Consultant
  • Hayley Lange
    Hayley Lange
    Head of Marketing
  • Howard Nelson
    Howard Nelson
    Board Advisor
  • Ian Dunning
    Ian Dunning
    Director, Betting & Gaming
  • Ian Price
    Ian Price
    Director, Betting & Gaming
  • James Hall
    James Hall
    Founder & CEO
  • Jane Youdell
    Jane Youdell
  • Nick Baumer
    Nick Baumer
  • OliMoffatt_209x209px
    Oli Moffatt
    Projects Consultant
  • TeamPhoto_RichardDenton
    Richard Denton
    Automation Consultant
  • Richard Griffin
    Richard Griffin
    Senior Automation Consultant
  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones
  • SimonJackson_209x209px
    Simon Jackson
    Director of Accounts Development
  • Steve Blundell
    Steve Blundell
    Automation Consultant
  • Willem Borgesius
    Willem Borgesius
    Senior Automation Consultant