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LBB Genfour – embracing the fourth generation of BPO

Genfour is the second of our current Little British Battlers (LBBs) to target the emerging opportunity of robotic process automation (see LBB Thoughtonomy thinks up it’s IT Automation).

Launched in 2012 by BPO industry veteran James Hall, Genfour stands for ‘fourth generation BPO’ – the robotic automation of business processes, which Hall sees reshaping the BPS market over the next decade.

Genfour is another Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) player using Blue Prism’s robotic automation technology (see Blue Prism a game changer in the making?). Its offering is value-added professional services like Lean/Six Sigma as well as outsourced managed services to help support clients in their adoption of robotics.

Halls’ vision is to deliver ‘robotics-as-a-service’, effectively a fully managed service that involves the ‘provision of infrastructure, robot software licensing and process maintenance at a predictable and flexible price’. This should deliver the benefits of traditional BPO in terms of cost savings, quality and scalability, while enabling organisations to retain control of their processes and operations.

To get there Genfour needs to create complementary partnerships with other automation players, and has teamed up with another of our LBBs, Celaton, whose software automates the processing of inbound communications (see LBB Celaton – artificial intelligence for business processes). Hall is planning another with an interactive voice response player to automate voice communications. It is early days, but this looks like the initial steps to creating a BPaaS ecosystem to orchestrate and automate inbound comms and back office services.

Genfour already manages dozens of software robots for customers in the betting, utilities and financial services sectors. Just the tip of the iceberg in what is a potentially huge untapped opportunity in automating the long-tail of rules-based back office processes.

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Article published by Tech Market View on 21.05.2014