Your sector faces the challenge of having to increase savings and efficiencies, often with legacy IT systems that can no longer support these goals.

You may also be experiencing other major issues such as recapitalization, competition enquiries and ongoing legislative changes. These burdens result in rising transaction and data volumes, so back offices operations across your sector require alternative methods and tools to transform the business. Many organisations are now selecting our digital workforce to efficiently and cost-effectively address these challenges.

Automation opportunities

Our digital workforce compliments traditional systems and tools to create a seamless back office that can minimise the short-term need for staff augmentation or new systems by automating more of your rules-based business process activity. We have identified below three key areas within your industry where major enhancements can be made by our workforce.

Customer service

By deploying our digital workforce, you liberate expensive and high value, human resources from more menial tasks and put them back on the front line assisting customers. This, in turn, will enable and motivate your staff to achieve more – resulting in enhanced services for the customer.


In an increasingly crowded market, customers are demanding and you need to quickly adapt policies and procedures, marketing initiatives, compliance rules etc. Increasingly, the human workforce can no longer process at the speeds required.Our digital workforce helps you solve this dilemma by enabling new process to be quickly built, with zero changes to backend systems, so you swiftly deliver a competitive advantage – whilst retaining your customers.


Complexity, competition and regulatory changes all impact on the profitability of banks, making cost control a key task in running your business. Our digital workforce can perform many manual tasks.

This will help drive down costs, improve process quality and performance and enable your high value staff to create real value elsewhere in the business.

Process suitable for our digital workforce

  • New Business quotes
  • New business application processing
  • Increase / decrease processing
  • Bank reconciliation processes
  • Policy reconciliation processes
  • Checking / Auditing processes
  • Closing policies e.g.
  • maturities
  • Surrenders
  • Lapse
  • Paid Up
  • Direct Debit processing.

Digital workforce benefits

  • Accuracy and consistency – our robots work 24/7 without taking breaks, don’t make mistakes and give the same advice, enable the right decision or calculation – every time
  • Fully auditable – The robot creates a fully audit trail maintained log that’s essential for regulatory compliance
  • Employee satisfaction – your existing workforce are liberated to focus on more value-added tasks and customer-facing processes
  • The digital worker is the ultimate multi-skilled agent with FTE savings of between 80-90% and is very useful for managing peaks and troughs of resource requirement
  • Allows operational processes to run for longer than human counterparts, uninterrupted, and any number of processes can be controlled centrally – with a comparatively small team
  • Smaller banks and new entrants, can grow at pace, keeping costs low – whilst remaining competitive. Larger banks can compete on pricing and speed – without being held back by expensive legacy systems
  • IT Development costs are low and it’s possible to deliver an automated process from concept to implementation within weeks- avoiding capital spend on customizing your systems
  • Provides a new insight into your business for the identification of opportunities and operational efficiency improvements – as the data available from an automated process will be consistent and bounteous

DOWNLOAD: Genfour’s five step guide to building a compelling business case for Robotic Process Automation

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