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The Challenge

Coral Racing chooses Genfour’s digital work force to automate its key business processes and remove the increased workload pressure from its human staff. The company is now benefiting from more consistent, improved processing speed and quality – with multiple FTE cost savings.


  • To handle highly variable volumes of customers’ documentation and payments through its back office, Coral’s operation teams were under pressure to complete workloads – accurately and on time
  • Coral selected Genfour’s digital workforce to enhance processing cycle times and overall precision
  • Genfour swiftly analysed, designed, mapped and automated Coral’s 2 processes – payments and KYC
  • Coral is now experiencing more consistency of processes, more effective exceptions handling, improved end-to-end cycle times, liberated staff and multiple FTE cost savings

DOWNLOAD: Genfour’s five step guide to building a compelling business case for Robotic Process Automation

Genfour - business case for Robotic Process Automation

The Challenge

Coral is one of the UK’s leading Betting and Gaming companies with significant operations in the UK and around the world.  The company’s online business is rapidly expanding and provides a highly interactive experience for its customers. Coral covers all major sporting events for betting and also offer a broad set of Casino and Slot games.

Coral was experiencing a major challenge of processing highly variable volumes of customer documentation and payments through its back office. Coral also operates in an increasingly regulated environment, which combined with increasing numbers of customers and new rules, was putting more pressure on its operations to complete workloads – accurately and on time.  By ensuring that processes are efficient and cost effective, Coral can continually improve customer satisfaction, as well as conform to the required regulations.

To handle its increasing business process workloads, Coral considered alternative options that included outsourcing and offshoring but decided on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to deliver the required capacity to process work, accurately and quickly – at a very attractive cost level.  Genfour was selected to assess, implement and operate Coral’s RPA solution using its digital workforce technology.


During an initial engagement with Coral, Genfour’s team analysed, designed and mapped two, key processes – payments and KYC – for automation. These processes were swiftly developed by Genfour, fully automated and hosted on its digital workforce platform. The processes have been built directly into Coral’s live system using the Genfour’s rapid deployment process, which means that benefits have been experienced very quickly.

For payments, Genfour initially built the basic process, ensured Coral’s operations were confident that the payments were being handled correctly and then added further rules, in increments, as Coral’s confidence grew and the specific rules around each of the decisions was understood and agreed. With KYC, the main part of the process was again initially built by Genfour and then further enhancements and rules were added into the process to handle a greater proportion of the cases./p>


Genfour’s digital workforce has enabled Coral to experience better operational efficiencies, by improving processing cycle times and quality and also resulted in number of other benefits that include:

  • Multiple FTE savings
  • Consistency of processes
  • Exceptions requiring manual interventions are captured and detailed which enables handlers to work on these cases more effectively
  • Improved end to end cycle times through the digital worker’s extended working availability
    Coral staff are now free to focus on other tasks