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In your sector, achieving cost optimisation – whilst regularly updating rules-based data, across multiple systems and entry points – accurately and efficiently, can be a major burden.

Most of your activities are now driven by complex, technology-orientated processes that often need manual intervention to produce the required results. You also need to eliminate unnecessary costs, improve quality and performance – whilst liberating your high value staff to generate greater value elsewhere in the business. Many organisations are now selecting our digital workforce to efficiently and cost-effectively address these issues.

Automation opportunities

Our digital workforce provides a low cost, reliable and flexible way of optimizing backend systems, improving processes – without having to initiate complex IT development projects. We have identified below three key areas within your industry where major enhancements can be achieved by our workforce.

Increased complexity

As you increase your product range, our digital workforce will quickly help you manage regulatory variations that require process changes – by increasing the speed of implementing new processes and reducing the need for manual intervention. We can also support expansion into new, international markets – that come with their own process idiosyncrasies and cultural differences – by quickly and cost-effectively, setting up procedures that handle differing requirements.


In an increasingly crowded market, to extract maximum value from customers, you need to swiftly adapt policies and procedures, marketing initiatives, fraud rules etc. Our digital workforce helps you achieve this, by enabling new process to be quickly built, with zero changes to backend systems, so you deliver a competitive advantage, fast – whilst retaining your customers.


Complexity, competition and regulatory changes all impact on the profitability of betting & gaming operators, making cost control a key task in running your business. Our digital workforce can perform many manual tasks – especially when you experience significant spikes in demand, such as Grand National day.

This means that your staff can be repurposed away from process work, which leads to faster, more accurate, processes – as well as cost reductions in salaries and admin. We also provide a clearly defined audit trail of the processes carried out – which keeps the regulators happy.

Process suitable for our digital workforce

  • Helps improve processes, revenues and customer experience, all achieved at reduced cost – whilst delivering greater value for stakeholders
  • Allows operational processes to run for longer than human counterparts, uninterrupted, and any number of processes can be controlled centrally – with a comparatively small team
  • The digital worker is the ultimate multi-skilled agent, generating FTE savings of up to 90% – and is especially useful for managing the peaks and troughs of resource requirement
  • IT Development costs are low and it’s possible to deliver an automated process from concept to implementation within weeks- avoiding capital spend on customizing your systems
  • Provides a new insight into your business for the identification of opportunities and operational efficiency improvements – as the data available from an automated process will be consistent and abundant

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