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Genfour delivers back office robotic process automation solutions to its clients. Utilising specialist software and its Rapid Deployment methods, Genfour can swiftly automate those repetitive rules based processes that are costly for organisations to provide, prone to error and uninspiring for your staff to perform.

Genfour was founded in 2012 by James Hall who has been working in Business Process Outsourcing for 20 years. James has always had the belief there is a better way to process through the back office. With the continual shifting of the optimal “labour” locations, the overhead attached to outsourcing and offshore solutions, and the questions over quality, robotic process automation presents a compelling solution for companies today.

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GreenIcon Improve your P&L

Improve your P&L

  • Less than half the cost of offshore processing

  • Low start up costs and in-year benefits

  • Avoid capital spend on customising your systems

  • Rapid results achieved within weeks, not months or years

  • Reduce errors, and therefore the cost of fixing them

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Drive operational - excellence

Achieve Operational Excellence

  • Improve quality with 100% accuracy on automated cases

  • Introduce scalable automations, with the ability to handle increased volumes at marginal cost

  • Introduce an agile capability to respond to your ever changing business processes

  • Understand your processes better, the workload you undertake, and how to deal with the case exceptions

  • Complement your existing operational excellence program


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Release your talent

Leverage your talent

  • Free your people from rules based, repetitive tasks and improve their value to you

  • Allow them time to innovate and focus on customer satisfaction

  • Give your operational teams a capability to do what they otherwise wouldn’t

  • Keep knowledge of your processes and the case exceptions within your team, so they can make the changes to improve them

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Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation software enables business operations to be agile and cost effective through rapid automation of manual, rules based, back office administrative processes, reducing cost and improving accuracy by creating a “virtual workforce”.


Celaton inSTREAM applies artificial intelligence to streamline labour intensive clerical tasks and decision making in a way that hasn’t been possible before. It handles all the unstructured (and structured) content that flows into your business every day from customers and suppliers.


Niu-Solutions are an independent IT provider able to provide comprehensive hosting services for automation technologies. Niu have developed and implemented a secure, robust, flexible and cost effective solution to host Blue Prism “robots” on behalf of Genfour Managed Services clients.